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LG BK Classics #3:

Blue with Envy

Coming in 2019!

A powerful gold dragon, confused by recent divination results, asks for your help in determining what the signs portend. Deep in the Knotted Forest you go, traversing its dead landscape for the answers to the dragon's questions. What mystery, or creature, lurks that could have such a powerful creature worried and, why in the name of the gods, did he reach out to you to investigate?


Blue with Envy is the third adventure in the LG BK Classics series and was originally published as IUZ7-04 Blue with Envy for the RPGA's Living Greyhawk campaign. Blue with Envy is designed to be played during the course of one four-to-six hour session. The scenario can be run as a stand-alone adventure or random encounter in your sandbox campaign as it can easily be adapted for use with any campaign setting. The adventure also serves as a sequel to LGBK1: Blue Scales, Red Secrets and LGBK2: Love Letter. Here, there be dragons!

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