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Technical Editing

As an editor with years of experience in the commercial property insurance, risk management, and special servicing sectors, I am uniquely qualified to provide technical editing services to a wide range of financial institutions. During my time at various commercial property and financial companies, I have:

  • copy edited hundreds of web pages and blog posts. 

  • audited the website to ensure that previously-requested edits had been performed by the vendor.

  • edited a Due Diligence Guide.

  • created a template for employee bio pages.

  • consolidated FAQs from multiple sources and edited them for accuracy and consistency against blog posts and web pages.

  • edited hundreds of client-facing marketing materials.

  • reviewed user-facing web services to ensure that they were properly documented prior to an SEC audit.

  • revised, updated, and edited a 144-page Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan. 


The intersection of my financial and editorial backgrounds is a rewarding and enjoyable place for me to be. 

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