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Running from 2000 to 2008, the Living Greyhawk campaign was the world's largest D&D campaign. I joined the campaign as a player in 2002 and it soon rekindled my passion for Greyhawk. Within a year, I was assisting the Bandit Kingdoms Triad-Meta member as a meta-org coordinator. A year after that, I was in charge of special missions. A year later, I was the Bandit Kingdoms Triad-Meta member (later Plots). I remained a Triad member until the campaign's conclusion. 

     After the campaign's conclusion, I realized that Wizards of the Coast was making no effort to archive or catalog the vast amount of content that had been created. It is for that reason I took it upon myself to catalog the Bandit Kingdoms' adventures. It took several years of work, with some significant help from other former Triad members, but, in 2012, BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary was released. To date, it remains the only book published about the Living Greyhawk campaign and is approaching 800 copies sold. Read Endzeitgeist's 5-star + seal of approval review here!

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