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Pathfinder-compatible Adventures

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I am currently working on two sets of adventures that are Pathfinder-compatible. The first is Shadows of Riverton, an adventure path based on the home campaign I used to run in Boston that was, itself, based in large part of my ideas of how the Bandit Kingdoms should have continued after Living Greyhawk ended. Naturally, all WotC IP has been removed.

SoR1: A Page of Scrolls is an introductory adventure for 1st-level PCs. During the adventure, they will explore sewers under the large city of Riverton and confront a small goblin tribe in order to befriend a local government official. The adventure is designed to be easy to run for novice GMs and includes extensive footnoting guidance on Pathfinder's rules. The adventure received a 4-star rating from Endzeitgeist.

SoR2: Against the Slavers is an adventure for 2nd- to 3rd-level PCs. In this adventure, the PCs can recruit mercenaries to help them rescue slaves from a fortified gnoll encampment, become embroiled in local gang politics, and pit their characters against a wide variety of opponents in gladiatorial combats to the death. The adventure received a coveted 5-star plus seal of approval rating from Endzeitgeist!

The second project I am working on, called the LG BK Classics series, is a conversion of my Living Greyhawk adventures to be Pathfinder-compatible (again with all WotC IP removed).


The first adventure in this new series, LG BK Classics #1: Blue Scales, Red Secrets, is a conversion of IUZ6-02 Blue Scales, Red Secrets. This adventure was formerly only playable in the IUZ meta-region of the Living Greyhawk campaign during years 6 and 7 (2006 and 2007). The adventure received a 5-star rating from Endzeitgeist!

LG BK Classics #2: Love Letter is a conversion of BDK6-07 Love Letter, the adventure was only playable in the Bandit Kingdoms region of the Living Greyhawk campaign during years 6 and 7 and features the infamous half-red-dragon sheep.


 I am currently debating starting a Patreon to fund future conversions in this series and allowing patrons to vote on which adventure I convert next. I am also contemplating 5e conversions as well.

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Cover1 with 5-star-plus-seal logo.jpg
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