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LG BK Classics #2:

Love Letter

While taking your ease in the thorp of Ankheg Springs during a merchants' bazaar, you are tasked with delivering a letter. Problem is, the letter was written by Morginstaler, Red Dragon of the Scar and he wants it delivered to the green dragon Maurgoroothyx, who lives far away in the Baleful Forest. If you don't, the red dragon promises to slaughter everyone in the village. 


Love Letter is the second adventure in the LG BK Classics series and was originally published as BDK6-07 Love Letter for the RPGA's Living Greyhawk campaign. Love Letter is designed to be played during the course of one four-to-six hour session. The scenario can be run as a stand-alone adventure or random encounter in your sandbox campaign as it can easily be adapted for use with any campaign setting. 


Love Letter is a module designed for four to six characters of levels three to five (APL 4) and uses the medium XP advancement track. Each encounter includes optional scaling suggestions for more powerful parties. This adventure also contains brand new magic items, poisons, and a spell.


This adventure is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the 3.5 edition of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game. The Open Game License can be found on page 31 of this product.

Cover art by James E. Shields.

Read Endzeitgeist's 5-Star + Seal of Approval review here! He has also nominated this adventure for his Top Ten of 2018, a HUGE honor!

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