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Living Greyhawk

During Living Greyhawk's run from 2000 to 2008, I wrote 20 adventures (and another half-dozen special missions) for the Bandit Kingdoms region and Iuz meta-region. They are:

  • BDK3a-03 You've Got Missive

  • BDK4m-03 A Stroll in the Woods

  • BDK4i-04 It Came from the Deep (with Tom Brister, Patrick Brown, Rob Little, Keith McAleer, and Don Wolf)

  • BDK5i-03 The Battle of the Bazaar

  • IUZ6-02 Blue Scales, Red Secrets

  • BDK6i-05 A Heroic Return (with Austin "Theo" Judd and Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK6i-06 A Place to Call Home

  • DYV6i-02 Fallen Hero, Risen God (with Kevin Elmore, Britt Frey, Austin "Theo" Judd, Michael Mockus, Joe Selby, and Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK6i-07 As the Worm Crawls (with Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK6-07 Love Letter

  • BDK6i-08 The Count of Dahlvier with Austin "Theo" Judd and Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK6i-09 Negative Outcome (with Britt Frey, Austin "Theo" Judd, and Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK7-02 In a Manor of Seeking (with Susan Threadgill)

  • BDK7i-03 The Ruins of Stonehill Fortress

  • IUZ7-04 Blue With Envy

  • BDK7i-07 Barren's Secrets

  • BDK7i-08 Abyss Bound Soul (with Konrad Brandemuhl)

  • BDK8i-01 For the Fellreev! (with Quad Heinicken)

  • BDK8-04 For Country, Friends, Kings, and Neighbors

  • BDK8i-04 All Evil Things

In addition, from 2005 until the end of the campaign, I edited all of the content for the region's meta-organizations, including the Bandit Kingdoms Meta-campaign Guidebook. 

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