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Casey Brown

Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services

I know how stressful the creative process can be; that's why I am here to help. With my extensive editorial experience, I can be a valuable resource to you as you develop your project. 


From polishing an application essay to developmental editing of your manuscript, my guidance will elevate your writing so it reaches its full potential.



A US Army veteran (13B, 3HWB/2ACR, 1998-2000), Casey has degrees in History (BA, Texas A&M Univ., 1997), Creative Writing (BA, Univ. of Houston, 2006), and Publishing & Writing (MA, Emerson College, 2012). His strengths lie in developmental editing of speculative fiction, self-publishing, and role-playing game writing (particularly 3.x/Pathfinder). 

From 2005 to 2008, Casey served as a Triad member of the Bandit Kingdoms region for the Living Greyhawk campaign (the world's largest Dungeons & Dragons campaign). From 2008 to 2009, he served as the acting production editor for Callaloo, a prestigious literary journal sponsored by Texas A&M University. From 2012 until early 2016, Casey worked in the commercial property insurance sector and has a Property & Casualty Producers License for the state of MA. In 2014, he launched Strangelet, a new speculative literary magazine, with classmates from Emerson. 
Casey (NG male human commoner 1/expert 8/fighter 2) is the author of BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary-a work which takes a scholarly approach to documenting the world's largest Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It is the only book to date of its kind and has sold over 700 copies and received a 5-star + seal of approval rating from Endzeitgeist

An avid autocrosser since 1992, Casey campaigns his 1992 Ford Mustang in the Sports Car Club of America's C-Prepared class. During the '94-'95 school year, Casey served as the Public Relations officer for the Texas A&M Sports Car Club. After his discharge from the army, Casey served as the club's Social Chair.
Casey lives in the Boston area with his two fur babies, Stella and Domino.



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